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1. How do you perceive the quality of Rosemor products?

2. How do you perceive the availability and reliability of delivery dates?

3. How do you perceive the price/performance ratio of the Rosemor products?

Service by the field sales

How do you perceive the service and advice provided by the field sales with regard to:

4. Availability of Sales Engineers

5. Professional advice given

6. Do you require regular support from our Rosemor field sales?

Internal sales team

How do you perceive the support given by the Rosemor internal sales team with regard to:

7. Availability of people

8. Prompt and clear (complete) response to enquiries

9. Friendliness

10. Professional advice

Rosemor as manufacturer

How do you assess the fulfillment of the following criteria by Rosemor:

11. The image of a quality manufacturer

12. Made in Great Britain

13. Versatility of product range

14. Willingness of the manufacturer to work with customer special requests

15. Individual support & advice

16. Reliability of the supplier

17. Short delivery time

Information media

18. Where do you find information on Rosemor?

Rosemor as supplier

19. How would you rate Rosemor as a supplier?

Perception of Rosemor

20. Has your perception of Rosemor changed within the last 2 years?:

Service improvement

21. How can we improve our service to you?

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