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Established in 1985 Rosemor International Ltd specialises in the design, manufacturing and supply of precision-engineered automatic escalator cleaning equipment and provides second to none industry expertise in the cleaning equipment market. Rosemor International is committed to offering its customers industry-leading products and systems supported with expert advice and service.

Rosemor has striven to become the best source of power cleaning equipment, able to cater for jetting, brushing and vacuum cleaning. To do this it has forged partnerships with leading worldwide suppliers as well as developing its own products.


Our flagship product - Rotomac ET15B

Automatic Escalator Cleaner Rosemor

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Escalator Cleaning Machine Rosemor

ROTOMAC Escalator Cleaner Operational Video

Full Training Video

In this video, we demonstrate and explain how to use the Rotomac ET15B Automatic Escalator Cleaning Machine as well as the new T10 & T10i Automatic Travelator (moving walkway) Cleaning Machines.

Automatic Escalator Cleaner Rosemor

Latest news

Rosemor in Elevator World

The Magazine of the International Building Transportation Industry, October 2018

Rosemor in Elevator World

Rosemor Adds Distributors

Rosemor International Ltd., a U.K.-based escalator cleaning machine supplier (EW, May2018), announced in August that it gained new dealers in the U.S., Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and China. It has also set up an arrangement with a local U.S. nationwide service and maintenance provider for aftersales support. In the U.S. and Canada, USA-CLEAN Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Rosemor's machines. Established in 1986, Decatur, Illinois based USA-CLEAN has grown into one of the largest independent providers of repair service and parts for floor-cleaning equipment in North America. It reported it will also be rolling out a new dealer program for direct sales throughout both countries.

Rosemor added that it "has had breakthrough selling to new markets, such as Iran, Hong Kong, India, China and Romania." It has supplied escalator cleaning machines worldwide for more than 20 years. The products find uses in department stores, shopping malls, metro stations, airports and stadiums.

The Magazine of the International Building Transportation Industry, August 2017

We are advertising our products and services in another worldwide magazine. Aim high - Aim worldwide - Rosemor.

Rosemor in Elevator World
Rosemor in Elevator World

Expansion into China

July 2017

When you travel up and down escalators at the airport, in railway stations or shopping centres chances are you are standing on an escalator that has been cleaned by a machine produced by Rosemor International Ltd.

Rosemor International, who manufacturer at their Headquarters on the Hithercroft Estate in Wallingford, has recently collaborated with Shanghai EMC a well-established company in China to deliver precision-engineered automatic escalator cleaning equipment to the Chinese market. Already trading in over 57 countries it was essential that Rosemor addressed the market opportunity presented in China - congratulations on your success!

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Rosemor Expansion Into China

Recent activities

New satisfied Rosemor customers in China, Metro in Spain and United Arab Emirates

Rosemor in China 2016   Rosemor in Spain   Rosemor oin UAE  

New leaflet for our customers in China

Escalator cleaning China

Article about Rosemor in The Wallingford Herald

When you next visit Harrods or Heathrow Airport take a look at the gleaming escalators, which have a link to Wallingford you may not be aware of.

A team of staff at a company in Wallingford are manufacturing machines to keep them clean and are now into their fourth decade in business.

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Rosemor in Wallingford Herald

Rosemor at ISSA Interclean Chicago, USA

If you are serious about the professional cleaning industry, ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America is a must. Why? Because as the one show for facility solutions, it:

Draws people who matter: Nearly 16,000 of the world's leading industry professionals, including top distributors, building service contractors, and in-house decision-makers attend the show, making this the best networking opportunity of the year.

Showcases the hot trends: More than 700 exhibitors from more than 25 countries are showcasing thousands of products and services, featuring all the innovation the industry has to offer.

Offers non-stop learning: With education all week-including more than 60 seminars and workshops-this event offers strategic, high-level executive advice.

Includes co-location events: Six other industry organizations are there, making it six different events all under one roof!

Radu proudly represented Rosemor International in Chicago this year.

Rosemor at ISSA Interclean Chicago

Rosemor at Romexpo 2016

Radu Mihai at Romexpo presents latest products and services provided by Rosemor International.

Testimonial from OCS Group UK Limited

A solution was needed to tackle the labour intensive method of manually cleaning the front sides of escalator steps. There were several escalator cleaning machines on the market but only the Rotomac cleaned both step and riser. This was over 16 years ago when I was working for ISS Facility Services at Birmingham International Airport and whenever I moved to a new contract which required an escalator cleaner I would always add the latest Rosemor escalator machine to my wish list. After moving over to OCS Facility Services on the National Exhibition Centre contract the Rosemor ET15B was requested, trialled and subsequently purchased. This new model maintains the top quality cleaning standard with a reduced clean time increasing our productivity and enabling us to pass on cost savings to our client. The Rosemor machines truly are bullet-proof which is rare in such an innovative piece of kit, this is testament to the unrivalled design and build quality.

Maurice Burns | OCS Group UK Limited
Contract Assistant | Facilities Services UK

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Renovated Machines - Old Rotomacs as good as new

The oldest machines has now been renovated to 'as new' condition, converted to include the newest model's features and electronics. Because these machines are built using such high quality, durable materials coupled with precision engineering, this machine can now perform for another 16 years or more!

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History of Rotomac developement

Rosemor International has recently lined up 4 different generations of their customers machines in their workshops. This shows 16 years of innovation and technical development. The Alta 20, built in 2000 was the original model Rosemor brought from Tennant, also known as the Rotomac 300. Click picture to read more


Engineering at Rosemor


News from Germany

News    News



Der britische Hersteller von Rolltreppenreinigungsmaschinen Rosemor ist eine Partnerschaft mit Remaconcept, Handelsunternehmen für Bodenreinigungsmaschinen aus Wald-Michelbach, eingegangen: Rosemor hat Remaconcept die Vertriebsrechte für Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz ûbertragen.

Rosemor baut seit 1985 Maschinen für die Rolltreppenreinigung. Mit der Rotomac ET15B von Rosemor sind die Anwender in der Lage simultan die Trittflächen und die Stirnseiten der Rolltreppenstufen zu reinigen. Die Modelle T10 und T10i sind Maschinen für die Fahrsteigreinigung beziehungsweise Reinigung der Trittflächen bei Rolltreppen mit ausreichend langer Auslaufzone.

Remaconcept befasst sich bereits seit den 1960er-Jahren mit Bodenreinigungsmaschinen und sieht in den Rolltreppenreinigungsmaschinen eine sehr interessante Ergänzung des eigenen Programms.

RemaConcept Website →

Remaconcept sells machines of Rosemor

The British manufacturer of escalator cleaning machines Rosemor has partnered with Remaconcept, trading company for floor cleaning machines from Wald-Michelbach. Rosemor has transfered the distribution rights for Germany, Austria and Switzerland to Remaconcept. Since 1985 Rosemor builds machines for escalator cleaning. With the Rotomac ET15B of Rosemor users are able to simultaneously clean the treads and the front sides of the escalator steps. The models T10 and T10i are machines for cleaning moving walkway or cleaning the treads in escalators with a sufficiently long run-off area.

Remaconcept deals with floor cleaning machines and sees the escalator cleaning machines since the 1960s, a very interesting addition to its own program.

Rosemor in Argentina

Rosemor in Elevator World January 2016 & Rotomac in Denmark


Underground - RUSSIA

Rosemor in Russia

Airport - USA

Rosemor in USA

Source: Facility Executive

Rosemor International has introduced to the U.S. market its Rotomac ET15B, a precision-engineered escalator cleaning machine. Based in the UK, Rosemor specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of equipment to maintain escalators and moving walkways. Used in airports, railways, and shopping malls, the Rotomac ET15B uses 15 rotating brushes, of varied lengths, to clean escalator steps (and their risers).

Using the ET15B, facility maintenance staff do not need to remove steps for cleaning. The step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in a single operation. The machine is capable of removing grease, spills, stones, hardened sand, and more. It provides a thorough cleaning of escalators and moving walkways, without diluting lubrication, damaging electrical circuits or internal mechanisms.

Controlled pre-set chemical and minimal water is sprayed through nozzles. And immediate vacuuming of the dirty solution into holding tanks eliminates the danger of chains rusting, motors burning out, and damage to electrical circuits. Featuring a durable cover and stainless steel buttons, the Rotomac ET15B Includes the transport trolley and battery back-up.

Messenachbericht CMS - German Review

German Review

Continued expansion at Rosemor

Rosemor International has embarked on a period of investment and expansion during the past 12 months. ”We have been very busy with the move into our brand new offices and setting up new dealers overseas” said Efi Rosen, managing director of Rosemor International. ”We have recently appointed a new distributor in South Africa, Industro-clean, which is now marketing our escalator cleaning product range, demonstrating the Rotomac to escalator manufacturers, shopping centres and contract cleaners.”

Underlining everything it does, Rosemor continues to place a great emphasis on training, and spends a lot of time with distributors ensuring that they get the most out of the company's range of machines. All Rosemor machines represent a long-term investment. It is critical, therefore, that end-users achive maximum productivity.

Rosemor has also recently set up a dealer in Columbia. Efi and Sue Rosemor recently travelled to visit the company in Medellin and provided essential training for all employees, ensuring they can market, sell and maintain the Rotomac range themselves. ”I was very excited by the enthusiasm of our new representatives in Columbia” said Efi Rosen. ”I am certain that the business will flourish within the huge potential market that extends right across South America.”

Rosemor has also re-established its distributor agreement with Sorma Sverige in Sweden. The company's Peter Friej recently visited the UK for further training and meetings.

Rosemor's new offices are now fully up and running and the company's new online shop will open for business very soon. ”We will be stocking a wide range of products, including all our customers' favourite chemicals and parts.” continued Rosen. ”This new venture will prove useful for customers who do not live locally, and as this is a rapidly growing area of our market, should open up many new oportunities.”

Rosemor was present at major exhibitions in Germany and USA.

Rosemor has had a very busy couple of months preparing for two important exhibitions within cleaning industry and in-between travelling to provide trainings worldwide.

First, we were exhibiting our products at CMS Berlin 22-25 September.
Our sales representative, trainer and translator drove with our 3 new machines for escalator and travelator cleaning to Berlin. We were exhibiting the Rotomac ET15B, new T10 and new T10i. We are thrilled with the interest and leads, resulting in new dealerships Worldwide.

Rosemor on CMS Berlin   Rosemor on CMS Berlin   Rosemor on CMS Berlin   Rosemor on CMS Berlin  

Later on we went to ISSA Interclean Las Vegas, USA which was held between 21-23 October.
Our Sales Team was shocked at the great footfall at this show. Meeting potential clients from worldwide and generating much serious interest. It was amazing to introduce our company to the USA formally and show prospective customers our new range and how price competitive we can be.

Rosemor on ISSA USA

Rosemor provided training in Germany

18 October 2015


Rosemor launched new product range at CMS Berlin - on Cleanzine

Rosemor International is returning to the CMS exhibition in Berlin later this month to launch its new product range (stand 203a, Hall 1.2).

Rosemor's Efi Rosen tells us that the company has been working hard with its customers around the world to develop the best solution to escalator and travelator cleaning. Dealing directly with British customers nationwide, worldwide dealers and end users, the company's engineers have adapted the Rotomac and Rotofast to create the most innovative product range, ensuring that the equipment continues to be a world leader in escalator and travelator cleaning technology.

Read more on Cleanzine


New Rosemor Flyers & Press Release in English and German

Rosemor Even Better English    Rosemor Even Better English
Rosemor Even Better English    Rosemor Even Better English
Rosemor Even Better

Rosemor Training in City of London, The Leadenhall Building

03 June 2015

Leadenhall Building is the 225 m (737 ft) tall commercial skyscraper opened in July 2014. It is one of a number of new tall buildings recently completed or under construction in the City of London financial district.

Rosemor in City of London   Rosemor in City of London   Rosemor in City of London


Rosemor Training in Los Angeles, U.S.A. at South Bay Galleria

25 May 2015

Another successful training provided by Rosemor team in California. Rotomac escalator cleaning device was selected to keep high cleanliness standard in South Bay Galleria - shopping, dining and leisure mall in Redondo Beach. US market is growing as well as Rosemor happy customers list.

Rosemor in America

Rosemor in Milan, Italy at Malpensa Airport

15 April 2015

Milan-Malpensa Airport is the largest airport for the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy. It serves 15 million inhabitants in Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria. The airport has two terminals which in 2014 handled more than 18 million passengers. For the first time in Malpensa Airport, the Rotomac escalator cleaning machine has been used only a few days ago, in order to give best experience for the passengers and to maintain excellent cleaning results in the future. Airport has decided to move forward and purchase the latest model on the market of escalator cleaning machine. Rosemor provided full training for the airport's cleaning division.


We have received positive feedback from Malpensa:

I highly recommend the machine that you have sold to Malpensa Airport recently.
I have tried Rotomac personally and it gave us excellent results.

The head of Romeo S.p.A. to the airports of Malpensa and Linate.

Rosemor products and services were presented on Euro Propre Multi Services EXPO

31 March - 2 April 2015

Rosemor on Euro Propre 2015 in Paris

Europropre Multiservices Expo is the unique showcase in France providing a comprehensive view of all products, materials, solutions and innovations for a fresh look on hygiene, cleanliness and multiservice. 2015’s edition was held on 31 March - 02 April at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Rosemor International, as a leading escalator cleaning machine manufacturer, decided to exhibit at this French national cleaning show.

Rosemor was represented in Paris by the company’s official distributor in France - Alpes’hy. For the first time in France, the Rotomac escalator cleaning machine has an official distributor, in order to build total confidence and to provide backup and professional customer care. Rosemor and Alpes’hy have found a great market in France, in airports, shopping centres, the Metro, train stations and amongst cleaning contractors.

    Rotomac Cleaning Machine

Rosemor products and services were presented on China Clean Expo 2015

30 March - 1 April 2015

Rosemor on China Clean Expo 2015

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