New updated Rotomac ET15B

Rotomac is our range of dedicated escalator cleaning machines. Its purpose is quick and easy deep cleaning of escalator steps - one by one, vertical and horizontal, back to the shining appearance.

Rosemor released this machine in 2013 upgrading and replacing the Rotomac 360. Supplying worldwide to dealers and end users Rosemor has ensured this machine suits all escalator cleaning needs.

The Rotomac ET15B now contains 15 rotating brushes consisting of 4 different lengths and materials to scrub and sweep dirt into the machine ond off the steps. The brushes are an effective and safe way to clean the step and not damage the treads. The new illuminated panel is build to sustain substantial usage and common misuse. The machine is still mains operated but now it has a new battery built in. This enables customers to safely remove the machine from the steps in an emergency (e.g a power fault). A new socket has been included that enables the T10 attachement to be connected to perform quick maintenance cleans or using ET15B-T10 combo as travelator cleaning device.

Ask yourself

  • Are you adapting your machine, cleaning offsite or manually cleaning the escalator step risers?
  • Are your escalators hygienically clean?
  • Does the appearance of your escalators add value to your business?
  • What are the cross contamination risks?
  • What damage is caused to your escalators by grinding paste of dirt and grease build-up?
  • Can you afford to replace your escalators?
  • Do you have a value added maintenance programmes in place?
  • Are your maintenance costs controlled?
  • When were your escalators last deep cleaned?
  • Can your escalators be cleaned overnight without down time and traffic flow disruption?

  • There is only one solution..... The Rotomac ET15B

    The first and best Escalator deep cleaning machine in the world, that automatically deep cleans the vertical and horizontal part of an escalator step, simultaneously. Bringing your escalator back to an 'as new' appearance!

    Escalator Cleaning Results

    Escalator Cleaning Results

    The Rotomac ET15B is the best machine in the world built to clean the horizontal and vertical part of an escalator step simultaneously. Developed over 12 years by Rosemor to ensure it fulfils every escalator cleaning requirement!

    Rosemor have already proved to be successful supplying this machine to over 35 countries worldwide and currently most of Europe, USA, China, South Africa, Trinidad, Singapore, Australia etc.

    The Rotomac ET15B has been built, designed and manufactured by aircraft engineers using aircraft materials. Rosemor's machines are being used in airports, railways stations, Metro stations, stores, shopping centres and many other locations. Their reputation for supplying all major airports in the UK, Escalator and Travellator manufacturers ,major Cleaning Contractors such as ISS, OCS, Mitie, and Amey etc has enabled them to expand not only nationwide but also globally.

    The machine is easily transported on its trolley and sits stationary on a still escalator. It sprays a fine mist of solution on to the step and the 15 rotating brushes deep clean and sweep all dirt into the vac and then into the recovery tank. There are 4 especially chosen brushes that do not damage aluminium or the painted surfaces however still remove tough dirt and grease.

    Rosemor also supplies the carefully formulated chemical RC91 which is safe to use on all types of escalators. This is a citrus based, low foaming, aluminium safe chemical. It also contains lubricant that helps to keep the chains within the machine lubricated.

    The escalator surface is left clean and dry with no risk of contamination to lubricating oils in escalator drums or damage to electrical circuits. During the cleaning process the machine operator and there assistant removes all embedded foreign matter; which could damage the escalator combs and steps. An important aspect of this cleaning process is that all sand, dirt and spillage which would normally have combined with oil and grease to form a grinding paste in the escalator mechanism, are completely removed.

    Escalator Cleaning Mode  Travelator Cleaning Mode

    Technical Specification

    Description Measurement Amount    
    Working width cm 52    
    Airflow (Max) m 3/h 162    
    Step Height cm 18.5-23    
    Water Lift Mbar 300    
    Power Supply V 230v / 110v    
    Frequency Hz 50    
    Total Power kW 2.29    
    Nominal Power Rating    
    Brush Motor W 750    
    Vacuum Motor W 1,500    
    Lifting Device W 2 x 250    
    Pumps W 40    
    Brush Strips Qty 6    
    Speed Rpm 35    
    Sound Level dp(A) 72    
    Solution Tank L 15    
    Recovery Tank L 15    
    Dimensions cm 135x53.6x125    
    Cable Length m 30    
    Protection Class I/II/III I    
    Machine Weight (net) Kg 155    
    Working Weight Kg 170    

    Features and Benefits

  • Dramatic cost savings compared to conventional cleaning methods
  • No need to remove the steps, cleaning done in-situ.
  • Cleaning is undertaken on-site, after hours.
  • Overnight cleaning ensuring the escalator is ready for traffic at the start of the day.
  • The step and riser of the escalator are cleaned right to the edges in a single operation.
  • Efficiently and effectively removes grease, spillage's, stones, foreign objects, hardened sand and grinding paste (spillage combined with grease etc).
  • Premises with clean escalators are more appealing, therefore attract more trade and develop a better reputation.
  • Thoroughly cleaned escalators.
  • No damage to escalators.
  • No damage to electrical circuits and internal mechanisms.
  • Controlled preset chemical and minimal water is sprayed through nozzles.
  • Will not dilute the lubrication of the escalator mechanism.
  • Immediate vacuuming of the dirty solution into holding tanks.
  • Eliminates the danger of chains rusting, motors burning out, and damage to electrical circuits.
  • Decreases escalator maintenance costs.
  • Tested and officially endorsed by the world's leading manufacturers.
  • The system is more efficient and cost effective than other methods.
  • Peace of mind.
  • For more information, please contact us today.