Travelator cleaning machines

We offer two different devices for cleaning flat travelators.

T10 Expansion Module

Travelator Cleaning T10 is an expansion module for our main product - Rotomac ET15B. It has been developed to plug in into the Rotomac and using its systems run as the escalator or travelator is moving. It is good solution for quick clean of the horizontal part of the step.

Some customers use this on escalators in busy airport terminals or shopping centres to clean up spillages to avoid minimum disruption during peak hours.

Other purchase this as the sites contain escalators and travelators and they need a complete cleaning solution for both.

Travelator 01   Travelator 02  

T10i Independent Travelator Cleaner

T10i works completely independently deep cleaning the horizontal part of any escalator or travelator. It is perfect for customers who need only travelator cleaning device.

Time is money. Speed is of the essence.

The T10 and T10I deep cleans in minutes with no operator!

At last a travelator / escalator cleaning machine that deep cleans in only minutes. The T10 deep cleans and dries travelator or escalator steps to a dazzling refurbished appearance, simply attaching onto the Rotomac ET15B, using its tanks and power supply.

The T10 quickly removes years of heavy dirt and grime, leaving the surfaces gleaming like new!

The T10I operates independently by simply connecting to the mains deep cleaning on a moving escalator or travellator.The machine starts by simply pressing one button, then this machine then can be left to deep clean in minutes! It’s as simple as that!

Ten counter rotating brushes reach deep into the grooves achieving results never before realised in this field. A powerful vortex recovery system provides the suction leaving the surface 100% dry and ready for immediate use. As a result of this machine’s speed and high performance, there is no longer a need to clean out of hours, or close escalators or travelator for long periods of time. Should a spillage occur, this machine is quick to maintain the image your company aims to preserve!

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