Don't take our word for it, here's what a number of our customers have to say.


OCS Group UK Limited

A solution was needed to tackle the labour intensive method of manually cleaning the front sides of escalator steps. There were several escalator cleaning machines on the market but only the Rotomac cleaned both step and riser. This was over 16 years ago when I was working for ISS Facility Services at Birmingham International Airport and whenever I moved to a new contract which required an escalator cleaner I would always add the latest Rosemor escalator machine to my wish list. After moving over to OCS Facility Services on the National Exhibition Centre contract the Rosemor ET15B was requested, trialled and subsequently purchased. This new model maintains the top quality cleaning standard with a reduced clean time increasing our productivity and enabling us to pass on cost savings to our client. The Rosemor machines truly are bullet-proof which is rare in such an innovative piece of kit, this is testament to the unrivalled design and build quality.

Maurice Burns | OCS Group UK Limited
Contract Assistant | Facilities Services UK


Servest Cleaning

Morning all. Thank you for assisting in bringing your fantastic machine to south Africa. Radu was excellent last night and showed great technical knowledge. We look forward to acquiring some more machines soon. Galia, thank you for making the initial contact.

Donovan Foster | National Operations Director


BAA Airports Limited

I have been involved at senior management level with the cleaning operation in Heathrow for the last 6 years. I am more than happy to confirm that the machines provided by Rosemor are manufactured to the highest standard with comprehensive training being received from Rosemor technical team.These machines have delivered on a continuous basis the required and sometimes above standard of clean required by the BAA organisation.

Sean | Contracts Management Team



At Metrocentre, Europe’s largest out of town shopping & leisure centre, we have a total of 26 escalators. There are two different makes of escalator, Otis & Kone (previously O&K). To clean the escalators we use the Rotomac 340 cleaning machine. Between 2002 & 2006 we used the Alta 20, an earlier model of this machine, and recently acquired the aforementioned Rotomac.

We have never experienced any damage to any of the escalators while using these machines, and they have always cleaned the steps to a high standard. I find the new Rotomac to be a very user friendly machine and with a 25 second cleaning cycle greatly reduces the time to clean an escalator.

In the past we have used various machines and cleaning methods, none of which cleaned the escalators to the standard of the Rotomac, and there was always some degree of water ingress in to the escalator pits, and onto the chains etc, a problem we do not have with the Rotomac 340. We are very pleased with the machine and the standard of clean to the escalators.

Dave Dixon | Environmental Services Manager


Schindler Elevator Corporation

We contracted The Escalator Cleaning Co. to deep clean 46 escalators at one of our major customers. The job had to be completed quickly so the facility would shine for an important employee appreciation open house.

Using the Rotomac, which cleans both the steps and risers at the same time, they were able to complete this job ahead of schedule. Their personnel were highly professional and courteous and did an excellent job of keeping everyone fully informed on a daily basis.

The end result achieved by The Escalator Cleaning Co. using the Rotomac was comparable to a complete power washing, but faster, less expensive, and with no disruption in service. Both Schindler and our customer were extremely pleased; our expectations and those of our customer were exceeded.

Dan Demery | Schindler Elevator Corporation


Lateral Concepts Limited

Many thanks and the service so far has been warm, friendly and efficient from all involved at Rosemor.

Wayne Gruba | Operations Director


Chapelfield Shopping Centre

I can confirm the current Rotomac 300 Escalator Cleaning Machine was purchased from Rosemor Ltd in 2005. This machine has been a very effective and efficient in cleaning the Otis Ltd Escalators here at Chapelfield over the last four plus years, proving reliable and compatible with the Otis Ltd escalators. We are readily recommending the Rotomac 300 and the Service Maintenance provide by Rosemor Ltd in cleaning Otis Ltd Escalators.

Greg Rice | Service Delivery Manager


AB Cleaning

Our company has had the Rotomac escalator deep cleaning machine for over 8 years now. It has operated for more than 6000 hours and has been very reliable, durable machine made of excellent quality materials. Our customers have been delighted with the excellent cleaning results achieved with the machine and with minimum disruption to their working day. The users, our employees say the machine is ’so easy to operate.’ Our company and customers can definitely recommend this machine as being the only machine to deep clean escalators.

Edwin Berends | AB-Cleaning


Advance International

We are working closely with Joe in Australia and have installed one of your machine here in NZ. Many people feel the machine is great and does a good job. We have done several demo’s however people in New Zealand are slow to come with the cost of the machine. This will happen in time. We will keep pushing your machine where ever we can.


ThyssenKrupp Elevator UK Limited

I am very impressed with the equipment and I think it will stop a lot of accidents as I have proved that over many years a film of grease appears on the tread of the steps and by carrying out this step clean it removes it which makes the escalator safer to use.

Jiwa Nadan | Managing Director