Rosemor celebrates it's 30 year anniversary!

We now offer you a unique opportunity to trade in your old Rotomac in part exchange against a new Rotomac ET15B.

The Rotomac ET15B has been developed for better performance, greater efficiency and longer life.

Your old Rotomac 360 compared to the new Rotomac ET15B:

  • Rotomac 360 has 11 brushes. The new Rotomac ET15B has 15 brushes.
  • New tanks, trolley and hood design.
  • Rotomac ET15B has a battery back-up for removing the machine safely from the escalator should there be a power surge or a fault with escalator.
  • New, improved stainless steel buttons on control panel - more durable.
  • Plug socket located on the ET15B for the T10 attachment (Moving walkway cleaning machine).
  • Time settings increased to include a 15 seconds option for quick maintenance cleaning.
  • Manuals include more pictures to help the operator or technician.
  • Same build quality and materials you expect from Rosemor.

  • The T10i - the most competitive and ultimate automatic escalator/travelator deep cleaning machine for the horizontal part of the escalator/travelator step.

    For further details and a free valuation please call us on:

    +44 (0) 1491 838011