Rosemor Training

Rosemor Training

Rosemor is confident that by training worldwide, this contributes to a healthy return in investment, it boosts the customer and Rosemor’s reputation, reduces costs and builds employee confidence in the workplace. Our training not only boosts morale and motivation but it improves the performance of the machine. Cleaning is a technical skill and professional training is crucial to perform an escalator deep clean, maintaining expected standards and promoting best practice in the workplace.

Once all operators are trained the most capable can then go on to train others. In this industry particularly there is a high turnover of employees and therefore it is important that information is passed on to all operators. Rosemor can also provide follow up and refresher training’s to ensure everyone is reminded of the correct procedures.

Once your product is purchased and training arranged a pre-training checklist is sent to the customer to ensure the site is ready and set up to use the machine, this will avoid complications onsite.

Rosemor recommends a maximum of 15 people attend each training session to avoid overcrowding, high noise levels and lack of time to cater to all employees. The aim is to show all operations of the machine, how to transport, set up and use the machine safely. The training session will also give the users tips to plan in advance and speed up the cleaning process ensuring all dirt is broken down to achieve sparkling results.

Our trainer will try to encourage each employee present to have a turn operating the machine, using all buttons and their functions. The machine will then be put back in the trolley, into maintenance mode to show all operators how to clean the machine after use. This covers all maintenance and also how to replace consumable parts.

After training all trained employees will list their names and Rosemor will issue a certificate to each by post.

Any of Rosemor’s major required repairs and costs to customers are due to a lack of training or operator misuse. It is very important to prevent additional costs to ensure training is taken very seriously and internally monitored to ensure all employees are complying with Rosemor’s advice.

If the employees struggle with any language barriers please ensure a translator is present. With overseas training Rosemor highly recommends engineers technical training to ensure someone is equipped to repair the machine in emergencies. This could be done for an employee or a contracted engineer.

Rosemor’s machine is designed for simple usage and the buttons even include pictorial displays to remind the user what each is for. All manuals and spare parts are available to download or view online 24 hours a day and also Rosemor provides full back up support should this be required. Additional information is sent via email, Skype, telephone or in diagrams to simplify whatever is required.

At Rosemor our motto is Customer Service is not a department it is our attitude. Together we will achieve more, we will fully support our customers to allow both parties to mutually benefit in the long-term.


New Training Video for Rosemor products

In this video, we demonstrate and explain how to use the Rotomac ET15B Automatic Escalator Cleaning Machine as well as the new T10 & T10i Automatic Travelator (moving walkway) Cleaning Machines.

Onsite Rosemor training